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Sisters Oregon Tourism Guide!

We have recently developed a great relationship with the good folks at The Nugget in Sisters, Oregon.  The staff who puts together the Sisters Oregon Guide is personable, efficient and very professional.  We’re excited to note that two of our images are on the cover of the the guide and that several more are inside of the new Sisters Guide.  I’ve always liked the image that was selected for the cover shot which was taken fro Tumalo Reservoir and features the Three Sisters Mountain in the background and colorful sunset light.  We think the image works perfectly for their needs and it showcases the beauty of the Central Oregon area very well.

Cover Photo for the Sisters Oregon Guide!

Cover Photo for the Sisters Oregon Guide!

On a fun side note, the little girl in the photo in the lower left hand corner of the guide is my daughter Emma who thinks this might be her big break!  Thanks again to the staff at The Nugget and the Sisters Oregon Guide!

Mike Putnam