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Visit Bend Guide, Our next Oregon Photo success!

I am proud to announce that Bend ,Oregon’s premier tourism guide once again has one of our images for a cover shot.  The “Visit Bend” guide has established itself as arguably the most informative , attractive and well organized guide in Oregon.  Our ongoing relationship with Visit Bend, is an honor that we hope will continue long term.  The Visit Bend Tourism Guide cover can be seen below.

Visit Bend Tourism Guide

Visit Bend Tourism Guide

Doug, Lynnette, and the rest of the crew are excellent to work with and they are great ambassadors for our city.  Visit Bend has done an excellent job of bringing in events such as the 2010 Cyclocross National Championships, The 2010 Road riding nationals, and the 2011 Mountain Bike National Championships.  All great events that fit well with the personality Bend.

The above image of South Sister from Sparks Lake is one of my personal favorites.  To learn more information about this beautiful landscape photo and to see the whole image, visit my personal website by visiting the following link.  Sparks Lake!

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