Pacific Crest Mission Statement

Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome to Pacific Crest Stock Photography.  We are a small photography company based out of Bend, Oregon that is dedicated to capturing  fine art quality nature photography.  In the growing world of low-quality microstock images, we felt there was a need for a company whose primary objective was to create a database of images of exceptional quality that express a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world.  Our intention is not to license images of mediocre quality at the lowest price possible.  Our aim is to license images of excellent quality at a fair price.  We hope that marketers and advertisers who are looking for landscape and nature images of impeccable quality will make Pacific Crest Stock their first stop.  We realize that today's professionals lead a hectic work life and that any time-saving device would be a tremendous asset in the work place.  Therefore, we've taken an unusual position in the world of stock photography.  Bigger is not necessarily better.  By offering a smaller library of extremely high quality images, we hope to offer professionals a more efficient method of researching and licensing  images.  

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