We are LIVE!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

     We've finished making some final adjustments to our site and we are finally in business.  We plan to add some new galleries in the near future which will be linked here and on our PCS Blog.  Please visit often, or sign up for an RSS feed to automatically receive updates about new images.  Troy and I plan on getting out and capturing new Oregon stock photos on a regular basis which will initially show up on the blog and then on this news page once the images are available for licensing.  If there are any of our oregon landscape photos that you see on our Blog and are immediately interested in licensing, please contact us and we will facilitate your licensing needs.  Although we were not officially in business until now, I've noted lots of people investigating our site which we appreciate.  If you have any Oregon Landscape photography needs that aren't being met let us know and we may already have what you need in our off-line databases.  Any suggestions are appreciated as we consider ourselves to be a hard working work in progress.  For the time being  all of our images will be licensed on a Rights Managed basis so e-mail or call us 541-610-4815  with your intended usage, print run size, etc. and we'll quote you a price as soon as possible.  Thanks for visiting! 


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